Franki Product

The traditional Franki pile is generally installed by bottom driving a steel tube to the required depth and then forming an enlarged base. Highly specialised techniques such as open-ended coring, rock socketing, and composite shaft construction are used in particular situations to overcome unique site problems. It can safely withstand very high compressive and tensile forces and substantial horizontal loads.

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Precast Product

The Franki precast pile is a high strength high capacity precast concrete pile which incorporates mechanical and compression joints, allowing piles to be spliced quickly and then driven to any required depth. Precast piles offer the geotechnical efficiency of a driven pile with the economies of a mass produced product. A rigorous quality assurance program throughout the casting, driving and testing process ensures a consistently reliable product with high strength and durability. Precast piles are most suited to ground conditions where soft upper strata overlie a hard bearing layer and in areas with clay or silt deposits.

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CFA Product

The CFA Pile is a non-displacement pile used where fast, vibration free installation is required in difficult ground conditions. The drilling process is suitable for penetrating dense layers and is unaffected by ground water or collapsing soil conditions. The latest generation piling rigs allow CFA piles to be installed in diameters up to 1500mm, and depths to 45m.

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Bored Product

Large diameter bored piles are non-displacement piles which are commonly used where large vertical loads or bending moments must be carried by a single unit. Bored piles founded in rock provide an effective means of minimising foundation settlements and a small number of high capacity bored piles can often provide significant savings in pile cap costs over other, lower capacity, pile types. Being non displacement type piles, bored piles can be installed with little or no vibration, and with much lower noise levels than driven piles.

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Displacement Product

Displacement piles are constructed in a similar fashion to CFA piles, but without soil removal. This is achieved through the utilisation of specialist drilling tools that displace the soil laterally during penetration.

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Retention Systems

Retention Systems Product

Complete design and installation package solutions are available utilising secant, contiguous or solider pile options with propping and/or anchoring support and shotcrete. Other wall types such as sheet piles and clutched driven tubes are also possible.

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Restricted Areas

Restricted Areas Product

Smaller, special purpose rigs are able to install driven, bored and CFA piles in areas with tight access and/or limited headroom.

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Other Products

Other piling and ground improvement techniques are also available; such as: driven steel tubes and prestressed octagonal piles, rapid impact compaction, rigid inclusions (CSC), plunge columns, cased CFA and more.

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