The versatile pile type known as a “Frankipile” is over 100 years old with the original patent application in May 1909 and trials of the first enlarged base cast insitu pile being carried out in November of the same year. The Frankipile company—named after the man who invented the concept, Edgard Frankignoul—was formed in July 1910.

From 1910 onwards the Franki company grew and in the 1940’s it was present in over 40 countries. After WWII Franki continued to grow at a slower rate until 1989 when it was purchased by the Van Roey Group in Belgium. In 1998 Frankipile Australia was acquired by the Keller Group.

Franki’s modern piling capabilities are underpinned by the depth and learnings of our unique past.

Today Frankipile Australia operates across the Australasian region, with particular emphasis on Australia and Papua New Guinea. Our fleet of modern plant allows us to supply a broad range of current piling techniques to the market. When combined with Frankipile's strong design and construct expertise, we are able to provide economical and effective solutions to virtually all foundation and retention scenarios

Company Logo Evolution

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Edgard Frankignoul Steam Driven Piling Rig
Edgard Frankignoul
1862 – 1954
Steam Driven
Piling Rig
Patent Documents
Patent Documents